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Brass Bulletin No 96 1996
Brass Bulletin
N° 96, IV - 1996
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
96, IV - 1996

BB096 - English / French / German

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03-09
James Thompson The Lake Placid International Trumpet Seminar 16-21
Rex Martin A more natural intonation 24-36
Dagmar Rosenkranz Friedbert Syhre 35 years as an instrument maker in Leipzig 37-40
Benny Sluchin Lieksa Brass Week 42-47
Jean-Pierre Mathez Stanley Friedman sound from the pen... 50-57
Fred Winter The rise and fall of the Altrichter instrument maker 60-66
Vassil Todorov The horn in Bulgaria 68-73
Jean-Pierre Mathez Jacques Mauger, on 7th heaven with the trombone 76-81
Jean-Pierre Mathez BRASS BULLETIN 1971-1996 - the fruit of the passion (III) 84-93

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