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Edward H. Tarr
Bendinelli, The Entire Art of Trumpet Playing (1614)
complete English translation, biography and critical commentary

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Edward H. Tarr

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About Bendinelli, The Entire Art of Trumpet Playing (1614)

Through Bendinelli we can better understand the pitch and the range of the trumpet around 1600 and earlier; details of the technique of playing the trumpet, such as the leading of one’s chin, articulation, the use of syllables in the various registers, the dran motif, and lipping; and the manner in which trumpeters played together in the five-part trumpet ensemble of those days. Bendinelli appears as a pedagogue of the highest rank.

Bendinelli's Biography, the English translation and the critical commentary by Dr. Edward Tarr: a highly remarkable and illustrative work at current state of research.

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