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Hans Stadlmair
Romantischer Almanach
for Alphorn
intermediate / advanced Duration: 25'

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Hans Stadlmair

Hans Stadlmair (*1929)

Hans Stadlmair was born in 1929 in Upper Austria. He studied orchestra conducting, violin and composition in Vienna. In 1952 he did further composition studies with J.N. David in Stuttgart, where he soon became known as a conductor of symphonic concerts and oratorios. Since 1956 he has been the head of the Munich Chamber Orchestra. This ensemble is constantly renewed with young and enthusiastic...
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About Romantischer Almanach

The Work

The alphorn suggests a deep connection with nature. It is in this spirit that the 10 scenes of this "Romantic Almanac" were conceived.

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Editions Bim
1. Der Feldweg (3'30)
2. Der Veteran (2'35)
3. Alpenglühen (4'40)
4. Blitz und Donner (3')
5. Am Bache (2'45)
6. Vom Berg ins Tal (2'20)
7. Tanz der Kühe (1'25)
8. Die Lokalbahn (1'50)
9. Landschaftsbild mit Rahmen (2'40)
10. Bildstock am Feldweg (2'40)

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