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Steptoe  Roger  Ballade  Co87

Roger Steptoe


for horn and chamber orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 12'


CO87a - Piano reduction (solo part included)

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The Work

The Ballade is in one continuous movement but divided into three main sections – slow and lyrical, fast and energetic, slow and conclusive. Despite its length it should be considered to be a contemporary virtuosic work displaying a wide variety of colours and timbres of the solo horn and heard in passages of intense lyricism and also rhythmic dexterity.

Instrumentation - - timpani, percussion - strings
Editions Bim
Roger Steptoe

Roger Steptoe (*1953)

Roger Steptoe (born 1953) is acknowledged to be one of the most respected British musicians of his generation. A composer of international renown his impressive catalogue of works includes chamber music, concertos, song cycles and instrumental sonatas all of which have been performed worldwide. As an admired pianist he has pioneered much neglected... Read more