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Arutiunian Alexander Trombone Concerto Tb11

Alexander Arutiunian


for trombone and orchestra or piano reduction

Level: advanced
Duration: 20'
Armenian Composers Series


I. Adagio maestoso e andante  I. Adagio maestoso e andante

II. Allegretto  II. Allegretto

III. Allegro  III. Allegro

TB11a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TB11b - Orchestra score
TB11c - Orchestra parts
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A masterpiece of the contemporary trombone repertoire.

The three movements of this concerto, written 1990-91 in Erevan (Armenia) during a dramatic and difficult period (catastrophic earthquake and turbulent political situation) bring out not only the emotions of the great Armenian composer, but also reveal his profound expressive resources which the solo trombone is able to give voice to in an especially moving manner, superbly supported by a richly developed orchestral architecture.

Instrumentation - - harp, percussion - strings
I. Adagio maestoso e andante
II. Allegretto
III. Allegro
Editions Bim
Alexander Arutiunian

Alexander Arutiunian (1920-2012)

Born in 1920 in Erevan, Armenia, he is one of the best known and highly esteemed composers of Armenia. He studied composition and piano at the Komitas Conservatory in the city of his birth, and then perfected his composition skills with H. Litinsky in Moscow (1946-1948). He directed the composition class at the Erevan State Conservatory. His works... Read more