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Schlaepfer  Jean  Claude  Ascensus  Tp62
Jean-Claude Schlaepfer
for trumpet and low strings
advanced Duration: 10' Swiss Composers Series

TP62a Piano reduction (solo part included)

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TP62b Orchestra score

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TP62c Orchestra parts

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Jean-Claude Schlaepfer

Jean-Claude Schlaepfer (*1961)

Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1961, Jean-Claude Schlaepfer studied piano for many years, notably with M. Risler. At the Geneva Conservatory he studied a program of theory courses and achieved a diploma in Musical Culture, the Prize of the Geneva State Council and the composition prize (in the class of Pierre Wissmer and Jean Balissat). Afterwards he did further study with Betsy Jolas, composer...
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About Ascensus

The Work

Although it was conceived as a single movement (molto largo e misterioso), three divisions are apparent: the quasi-declamatory introduction for trumpet alone (with a "plunger" mute for a 'rougher' sound), followed by the main body of the work where the trumpet (open) starts low and works its way progressively into the high range, within the subtle texture of quivering low strings, to attain a flamboyant and lyrical climax. In the last section the strings (violas and cellos) disappear into the extreme high register, while the trumpet (using a Harmon mute without the tube) finds serenity in the middle register and concludes in the low register, murmuring the inexpressible.

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strings: 5 violas, 4 cellos and 3 contrabasses
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