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Navarro Fats Trumpet Chorus Book Tp26

Fats Navarro

Trumpet Chorus Book

23 Solos

for trumpet

Level: intermediate / advanced
Language: English, French, German

Arrangeur: Charlie Shoemake



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Blue Note

The majority of the twenty three solos contained in this book, come from Fats Navarro's complete recordings for the Blue Note record label during the period of September 1947 to August 1949.

Charlie Shoemake
Editions Bim
Fats Navarro

Fats Navarro (1923-1950)

Theodore Navarro, better known as "Fats", was born in Key West, Florida, on 24th September 1923. He was a cousin of the jazz trumpeter Charlie Shavers and took up the trumpet himself at the age of thirteen. Although only 26 at the time of his death (7th July 1950), he had already played with Sol Albright, Snookum Russell, the Andy Kirk Orchestra,... Read more