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Jean-Claude Schlaepfer
Instances III
7 pièces
for marimba solo
advanced Duration: 8' Swiss Composers Series

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Jean-Claude Schlaepfer

Jean-Claude Schlaepfer (*1961)

Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1961, Jean-Claude Schlaepfer studied piano for many years, notably with M. Risler. At the Geneva Conservatory he studied a program of theory courses and achieved a diploma in Musical Culture, the Prize of the Geneva State Council and the composition prize (in the class of Pierre Wissmer and Jean Balissat). Afterwards he did further study with Betsy Jolas, composer...
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About Instances III

The Work

The word “instance”, used today primarily in legal language, is an old expression whose meaning is “request”, “prayer”. The “otherness” of the sonority of the marimba allows a welcome opposition in this piece, between short resonance with a dry attack, and mysterious bass notes rising up from the depths of the earth.

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