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Steptoe  Roger  Sonatine 2  Vc16
Roger Steptoe
Sonatine II
for cello and piano
advanced Duration: 8'

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Roger Steptoe

Roger Steptoe (*1953)

Roger Steptoe (born 1953) is acknowledged to be one of the most respected British musicians of his generation. A composer of international renown his impressive catalogue of works includes chamber music, concertos, song cycles and instrumental sonatas all of which have been performed worldwide. As an admired pianist he has pioneered much neglected British music through recitals as a soloist, an...
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About Sonatine II

The Work

Two main ideas (the opening rising phrase starting on a low C-sharp and the more luxuriantly harmonised descending theme) represent two subjects in a classical Sonata Form structure. An animated central passage transforms the opening ‘subject’ and could be seen as a development before the opening is reintroduced in a condensed manner. The sumptiously harmonic coda brings the work to an impassioned close dying away on the enharmonic of C-sharp, D-flat.

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