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Adams Byron Viola Sonata
Byron Adams
for viola and piano
advanced Duration: 20'


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Byron Adams

Byron Adams (*1955)

Byron Adams (b. 1955, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) is a composer, musicologist, and conductor. He was educated at Jacksonville University, the University of Southern California, and Cornell University, where he earned a doctoral degree studying composition with Karel Husa. Adams is a composer of tonal music with an inimitable style who employs individual adaptations of traditional techniques. His...
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Audio samples

III. Adagio
II. Allegretto grazioso
I. Allegro
IV. Allegro risoluto

About Sonata

About the Sonata

I cast my Viola Sonata in four movements, deriving the thematic material of the entire sonata from the opening measures. The turbulent first movement is a variant of sonata form in which a new theme, a sinister trumpet-call that first appears in the piano, heralds the beginning of the development section. The second movement is a lilting siciliana. The third movement is a somber funeral procession above which the viola sings a lament. In the finale, a sonata rondo in which themes from previous movements are varied upon return, the music hurtles forward inexorably towards a brusque, dismissive final.

Byron Adams, autumn, 2015, Los Angeles, USA

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I. Allegro appassionato (6')
II. Allegretto grazioso (4')
III. Adagio molto (6'30)
IV. Allegro risoluto (5'30)

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