Sharafyan  Vashe  Luminous  Silhouette  Va27
Vashé Sharafyan
Luminous silhouette of a Song
for viola and chamber orchestra
intermediate Duration: 10'30 Armenian Composers Series

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Vashé Sharafyan

Vashé Sharafyan (*1966)

Vashé Sharafyan was born om 1966 in Yerevan, Armenia. He studied composition at the Yerevan State Conservatory with Eduard Mirzoyan and won the All-Union Composer's Competition in Moscow in 1985. From 1992 to 1996 he taught music theory and sacred music at the Jerusalem Theological Armenian Seminary in Israel and authored a Book of Chants for the Holy Sepulchre Church of Jerusalem. As an official...
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About Luminous silhouette of a Song

The Work

"Silhouette of a song" or "shadow of the sound" may seem at first glance to be a somewhat whimsical and contradictory title, but it is meant to describe a very real psychological experience. As human beings, we perceive auditory shadows, or images, when the sounds we hear resonate within our bodies, and those highly personal perceptions, experienced in the form of sonic silhouettes is reflective of the uniquely individual nature of the souls of all human beings who, upon hearing and reacting to those sounds, can be said to be experiencing what we call "music." Vashé Sharafyan

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Instrumentation timpani, percussion, harp - strings
Editions Bim

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