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Meier Jost Variations Vn2

Jost Meier


for violin solo

Level: advanced
Duration: 9'
Swiss Composers Series


Variations  Variations

VN2 -

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A theatrical, operatic monologue, or to a clown’s show

The Variations, written for the Tibor Varga violin competition, correspond to a theatrical, operatic monologue, or to a clown’s number: in Jost Meier's music there is always dramaturgy, motion, in addition to the purely musical form. There are gestures, images... We are far from ”pure” music.

Editions Bim
Jost Meier

Jost Meier (*1939)

Jost Meier was born on March 15, 1939 in Solothurn (Switzerland). After matriculating, he began studying mathematics and physics. He studied the cello and begann composing in adolescence. After studying at the conservatories of Biel and Bern (in Rolf Looser’s class) hewent to Holland to study with Frank Martin. Following a spell as cellist in... Read more