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Friedman Stanley Freelance Dance Fl8

Stanley Friedman

Freelance Dance

for flute and harpsichord

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 3'30''


Freelance Dance  Freelance Dance

FL8 -

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A day in the life of a New York freelance musician

Based on a synthetic scale, the music depicts a frenetic day in the life of a busy New York freelance musician, as he juggles subways, taxis and various disparate gigs.

Editions Bim
Stanley Friedman

Stanley Friedman (*1951)

Stanley Friedman (*1951) has distinguished himself in several different musical fields. After completing a Doctorate in composition at the Eastman School of Music, he embarked on a composing career which has led to premiers by Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Chamber Music Society, and the New Zealand Symphony... Read more