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Friedman Stanley Freelance Dance Fl8
Stanley Friedman
Freelance Dance
for flute and harpsichord
intermediate / advanced Duration: 3'30''

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Stanley Friedman

Stanley Friedman (*1951)

Stanley Friedman (*1951) has distinguished himself in several different musical fields. After completing a Doctorate in composition at the Eastman School of Music, he embarked on a composing career which has led to premiers by Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Chamber Music Society, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. In 1992 Stanley Friedman’s first opera...
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Freelance Dance

About Freelance Dance

A day in the life of a New York freelance musician

Based on a synthetic scale, the music depicts a frenetic day in the life of a busy New York freelance musician, as he juggles subways, taxis and various disparate gigs.

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