Brass Bulletin No 121 2003

Brass Bulletin

N° 121, I - 2003

International Magazine for Brass Players
BB121 - English / French / German
BB121i - Italiano
BB121e - Español

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Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 007-013)
Brass Bulletin
In brief (page 016-023)
Thomas Stevens
Salud to the Managers! (page 026-027)
Victor Batashev
Anatoly Skobelev - Russian Grand Master of the trombone (page 030-036)
Jon Sass
Jon Sass - Confidences of a happy tuba player (page 038-041)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Otto Sauter - The determination to win (page 044-053)
Ken Shifrin
The Moravian brotherhood trombone choirs: neither Moravian nor choirs (page 056-064)
Uwe UustaluUwe BartelsStephan Katte
The unpublished horn file... (page 066-069)
Joshua Fineberg
Classical music: Why bother? (I) (page 072-077)
James Thompson
The instrumental player’s maintenance and development - 7 - the opinion of an expert (page 080-081)
Dr. Toshio Nemoto
A medical study of the sound emitting apparatus of brass players - 23 - Take care when brushing between the teeth (page 084-087)
Dr. Med. Urban Diethelm
Feeling pain while playing a musical instrument (3 - end) (page 090-093)
Brass Bulletin
Agenda (page 096-098)
Brass Bulletin
Competitions 2003-2007 (page 100-101)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
The Langhammer/Meinl saga - From Christian Langhammer to Gerhard A. Meinl and Ja Musik GmbH (page 102-113)
Stefano Viola
Stellio Calvetti - Clever Inventor (page 114-116)
Brass Bulletin
Equipment (page 118-119)
Brass Bulletin
Compact Discs (page 120-124)
Brass Bulletin
Music - Books (page 126-127)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
121, I - 2003