Brass Bulletin No 30 1980

Brass Bulletin

N° 30, II - 1980

International Magazine for Brass Players

Brass Bulletin
Out of print

Thomas Stevens
Editorial [So your trumpet plays in tune!] (page 03-04)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Benny SLUCHIN [*1948] - Portrait in brief (page 05-06)
Anatoly Selianin
Saratov Brass Seminar [1980] (page 16-19)
James Stamp
Practical Hints I (page 21)
Timofey Dokschidser
Articulation or bowing on the trumpet (page 23-31)
Boris G. Manzora
The double-slide trombone - museum-piece with a future? (page 33-42)
M. HaineI. De Keyser
The stamps on Sax instruments (page 43-56)
Emile Ferron
On the sensitivity of brass instruments (page 57-60)
Michel Ricquier
The use of the mind in instrumental performance (page 61-68)
Brass Bulletin, International Magazine for Brass Players
30, II - 1980