Brass Bulletin No 51 1985
Brass Bulletin
N° 51, III - 1985
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
51, III - 1985

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial 03
Edouard Gros How and why I became a musician II 05-13
A. Bergeret At the music stand - without air [phototype ca 1920] 12
Thomas Aitken What's your proper job? A social portrait of the British brass player 14-24
Jean-Pierre Mathez A virtuoso's career (Hermann BAUMANN (*1934) 26-39
Michel Laplace The trombone in jazz and popular music II 40-46
Stephan Suter Instrument Makers in USA II - Schilke Music Products 48-58
Stephan Suter Instrument Makers in USA III - C.G. Conn Ltd. 54-58
Jean-Pierre Mathez A New Job 59-61
Dr. Klaus Winkler Bibliography of works for trombone and organ 63-66
Anatoly Selianin E. J. TROGNEE (1868-1942): Discovery of unpublished trumpet studies 68-69
Friedemann Immer Natural trumpets - Basic techniques 70-73
Elis Brandt Kopie [1708] nach dem Original von W.v. Mieris' I

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