Brass Bulletin No 53 1986
Brass Bulletin
N° 53, I - 1986
International Magazine for Brass Players
Brass Bulletin
53, I - 1986

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Author Title Page
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial Homage to James Stamp 03-04
Thomas Stevens Homage to James Stamp [1904-1985] 03-04
Stephan Suter Instrument making in USA VI-VII - Holton/Leblanc/Martin 109-115
Anonyme Illustration from the J.G. Seeling factory catalogue, Dresden 1906 116
Jean-Pierre Mathez Bad Säckingen - Trumpet museum 17-27
Jean-Pierre Mathez Editorial Special Finnland'' 29-35
Kauko Karjalainen Brass achieves academic respectability 36-39
Timo Mäkinen Lauri OJALA [*1918] - Finnish trumpet virtuoso 40-48
Holger Fransman The brass band tradition in Finland 49-51
Simo Kanerva A brief survey of the history of the Finnish brass music 52-55
Jean-Pierre Mathez Holger FRANSMAN - The great finnish horn player and teacher 56-65
A. Gallen-Kallela Kullervo goes to war [fresco, 1901 - Atheneum, Helsinki] 58-59
Jean-Pierre Mathez The national brass associations in Finland 67-68
Dr. Klaus Winkler Modern editions of original 17th-century brass ensemble music 69-80
Edouard Gros How and Why I Became a Musician IV 81-85
Albert Edelfelt Young shephard from Carelia [Finland, Atheneum, Helsinki] I

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