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Alessandro Melani (1639-1703)


Alessandro was the fifth of nine Melani brothers who were all famous musicians (4 as castrato singers) in various European courts: 1. Jacopo (1623-1676), 2. Atto (1626-1714), 3. Francesco Maria (1628-1668?), 4. Bartolomeo (1634-?), 6. Antonio (16?-?), 7. Domenico (16?-?), 8. Nicola (16?-?), and Vincenzo (16?-?).

Alessandro Melani was choir master at Pistoia at the Church of San Petronio of Bologna (beginning 1660) and in Rome (from 1667 until his death in 1703). His prolific pen left us 4 operas, church music, oratorios, cantatas and canzoni.


Qual mormorio giocondo
for trumpet, soprano voice and basso continuo

II. Aura Vezzosa
VI. La Mia Pace Cara

Quai bellici accenti
for trumpet, soprano voice and basso continuo

Quai Belli Accenti

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