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Ewen Cousin (*1994)


Ewen Cousin

Ewen Cousin is a jazz composer, arranger, trumpet player and pianist born in Paris in 1994.

Mainly self-taught, Ewen Cousin began playing trumpet at a music school with Mickael Gasche, then, with a passion for improvisation and composition, he headed for the writing classes at the Le Mans conservatory, under the direction of Martin Moulin. Here he deepened his knowledge of composition, harmony and classical writing. At the same time, he learned to play the piano, and his interest in jazz and electronic music led him to take classes with Marco Suarez and Alexandre Gosse, broadening his artistic palette.

His musical curiosity led him to discover new styles: wind band and brass band music; he tried his hand at electro-acoustic and electronic experiments (techno, modular, Berlin school, etc.); and took part in projects involving jazz (swing, bebop, hard bop), pop (80’s and current), progressive rock, hip-hop and symphonic writing.

As an arranger, he likes to choose works that will be enhanced by strong orchestration.

As a musician, Ewen Cousin is leader of the Sweet Tek trio, and has played with Vincent Peirani and his 5tet Grove One, Luis Bonilla (JM Jazz World), and the Belmondo brothers (Beach Band des Sables). He also performs with Alexinho (beatbox). He composes original works and arrangements for big bands (Foenix Big Band, Grand Ensemble Sweet Tek, JM Jazz World, etc.) and smaller ensembles (Jean-Pierre Derouard Sextet), and commissions works for workshops. Through his collaborations with various ensembles and artists, Ewen seeks to share his passion for music and make a modest contribution to enriching the contemporary musical landscape. He also places considerable importance on his role as an educator, seeking to pass on his knowledge and love of music through jam sessions and talks in schools.


Etudes No. 1 & 2 from 36 Etudes Transcendantes for trumpet
for brass quintet

1. De l'articulation
2. Du style