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Ivana Loudova (*1941)


Ivana Loudova

Ivana Loudová, born in 1941 in Chlumec (Czech Republic), studied composition at the Prague Conservatory and Academy of Arts, as well as the Paris Conservatory. Her teachers were M. Kabelác, E. Hlobil, O. Messiaen and A. Jolivet.

Winner of many national and international competitions (Jihlava, Jirkov, Prague, Arezzo, Moscow, etc.), she was also awarded the Arts Prize of the City of Heidelberg. She has written more than a hundred works: for orchestra, chamber music, vocal music, choral music, pedagogical music. Especially memorable are her works for brasses: "Ballata antica" for trombone and piano, "Per tromba" (solo trumpet), "Quintetto giubiloso" (brass quintet), "Musica festiva" (3 tps, 3 tbs), "Cassazione" (4 tps, 4 tbs, tuba). She has also written several works for American-style symphonic wind band: "Chorals", "Hymnos", "Magic concerto" - Concerto for 6 percussionists, organ and concert band, "Luminous voice" - Concerto for English horn and concert band, etc.

Her works are published by C.F. Peters, G. Schirmer (USA), Computer Music (NL), Panton and Supraphon (CZ). Ivana Loudová worked as a freelance composer from 1972 until her appointment in 1992 as a professor of composition and music theory at the Prague Music Academy.


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