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Kassatti Tadeusz Kino Concertino Tu49
Tadeusz Kassatti
Kino Concertino
for euphonium and string orchestra
intermediate Duration: 16'

TU49a Piano reduction (solo part included)

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TU49b Orchestra score

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TU49c Orchestra parts

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Tadeusz Kassatti

Tadeusz Kassatti (*1948)

Tadeusz Kassatti was born in 1948 in Cracow, Poland. In 1972 he received a first prize with distinction for virtuosity on piano at the Cracow Conservatory. He continued his studies at the Geneva Conservatory with Harry Datyner and Louis Hiltbrand and then in London with Peter Feuchtwanger. He currently teaches at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique of Geneva and gives numerous concerts in...
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