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Turner  Kerry  Quartet  No 3  Co30
Kerry Turner
Quartet N° 3
for 4 horns
advanced Duration: 17'

CO30 Score and parts

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Kerry Turner

Kerry Turner (*1960)

Kerry Drew Turner, born 1960 in Texas, began composing at the age of 10. Having passed the highest level music theory examination given by the American Piano Teacher’s Guild, he submitted a wind quintet at the age of 12, which won First Prize. By graduation from High School, he had composed two symphonies, a mass, seven orchestral tone poems, and a small string quartet. He entered Baylor...
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Audio samples

1. The Sooners
2. The Homesteaders
3. Ghost Town Parade
4. Finale

About Quartet N° 3

The Quartet No. 3 was designed to be the main work of any horn quartet concert. Other than the quartets by Paul Hindemith, Michael Tippett and Kerry Turner, there is a def­nite need for major, multi-movement works in the quartet repertoire. In order to avoid taxing one solo player against 3 accompanying players, the composer preferred to render all voices absolutely equal, each voice being equally virtuose, solistic, and melodic.

There are 4 movements: The Sooners, The Homestead­rs, the Ghost Town Parade, and Finale. Each movement’s title is merely an accurate description of what the composer had in mind while composing, and is not meant to have a story or programmatic idée-fixe, although it is rather clear that the composer’s thoughts are in the American West sometime in the 19th century.

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