Saglietti Corrado Maria Souvenirs CO118bc
Corrado Maria Saglietti
Buenos Aires • Venice • Los Angeles • Paris
for horn and string orchestra
intermediate / advanced Duration: 16'

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Corrado Maria Saglietti

Corrado Maria Saglietti (*1957)

Corrado Maria Saglietti was born in 1957 in Costigliole d’Asti, Italy. He studied horn with G. Zoppi and graduated with highest honors. Since 1977 he has been playing in the RAI National Symphony Orchestra of Turin, and in 1990 he became principal horn; he often plays chamber music and performs as a soloist. In 1986 he received his degree in composition from the Turin Conservatory where he...
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About Souvenirs

With its own character and its own particular atmosphere, each of the four separate movements that compose this work, evokes one of four famous and unique cities in the world:

Buenos Aires, Venice, Los Angeles and Paris.

Buenos Aires relives in a sensual and poignant tango while a delicate and melancholy “barcarola” takes us to Venice on the calm waters of its canals. Then the fast pace of R&B throws us into the realm of pop music and finally the charm of Paris is revealed in an elegant waltz followed by a frantic can-can.

The horn and the strings play by chasing each other in the counterpoint between soft and lively colors, between captivating effects and virtuosity, in a pleasant and refined language.

Travel memories, in the imagination, come back almost real and tangible: the music is transformed into ... souvenirs.

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string set
Editions Bim
1. Buenos Aires (5'45)
2. Venice (4')
3. Los Angeles (3'30)
4. Paris (2'45)

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