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Oestreich Carl Trombone Concertino Tb14

Carl Oestreich


for trombone and orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 14'
Arrangeur: István Máriássy


TB14a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TB14b - Orchestra score
TB14c - Orchestra parts

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Early romantic work

The present work published here for the first time bears the title: “Concertino für die Tenor Bass Posaune mit Begleitung des ganzen Orchesters”. The source for the publication was the autograph score of the work preserved in the Manschopfliches Museum für Musik- und Theatergeschichte, Frankfurt am Main under the shelf mark 1941.144.

This Concertino being an early romantic work needs a performance full of delicate nuances. The beauty of phrasing in a live performance cannot be spelled out and is left to the performer's discretion.

Instrumentation - - timpani, grand cassa - strings
c. 1830
István Máriássy
Editions Bim
Carl Oestreich

Carl Oestreich (1800-1840)

Carl Wilhelm Eduard Oestreich was born April 18, 1800 in Spremberg, Saxony (Germany). He studied in Dresden at the Royal Chapel, and composed from the age of 16 with emphasis on the horn, the instrument he must have been playing well from all evidence. The fact that he dedicated his horn trios (published in 1830) to the brothers August and Louis... Read more