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Finger Gottfried Sonata In Es Tb2

Gottfried Finger

Sonata in Es

for trombone and string orchestra

Level: intermediate
Duration: 8'
Arrangeur: Joraslav Mastalir, Miloslav Hejda


TB2a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TB2b/c - Score and parts

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Magnificent baroque sonata

This magnificent baroque sonata in Eb major has four movements: the first could be described as a Prelude, the second as a Minuet without trio. Then follows a short  Adagio in the relative minor key, leading to the Allegro comodo, which concludes this splendid piece.

ca. 1700
Joraslav Mastalir, Miloslav Hejda
Editions Bim

Gottfried Finger (1660-1723)

Gottfried Finger was born around 1660 in Olomouc (Moravia). In 1682 one could meet the young musician in Munich, and in 1685 he emigrated to England, where he was hired at the court of James II and became renowned as a composer of chamber music. His stage works seem to have had less success, and, embittered by this, he returned to the continent... Read more