Sulek  Stepjan  Sonata  Vox  Gabrieli  Tb39 Digital
Stepjan Sulek
Vox Gabrieli
for trombone and piano
advanced Duration: 8'

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Stepjan Sulek

Stepjan Sulek (1914-1986)

The Croatian composer, violinist, conductor and music teacher, Stjepan Sulek (1914-1986), graduated from the Music Academy in Zagreb where he studied violin with the famous Czech teacher, Vaclav Huml (1880-1953), and composition with Biago Bersa (1873-1934), the founder of the modern movement in Croatian music. Sulek was a member of the famous Trio with pianist Ivo Macek (1914) and cellist...
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About Sonata

Beautiful, deeply expressive

The “Sonata Vox Gabrieli” became very quickly after its publication in 1973 a world bestseller.

The beautiful, deeply expressive, intense, neo romantic work belongs to the recital repertoire of the trombonists, from students to world famous players as Chrisitan Lindberg, Alain Trudel, Ralph Sauer and many others. A masterwork in the solo-repertoire.

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