Plog Anthony Paradigms Tp323 Digital
Anthony Plog
for flugelhorn and piano
intermediate Duration: 5'

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Anthony Plog

Anthony Plog (*1947)

Anthony Plog was born on November 13th, 1947 in Glendale, California. He received his music degree from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Trumpet studies were first with his father Clifton Plog and later with Irving Bush, Thomas Stevens and James Stamp. He has a successful international career as a soloist and has made many recordings. His compositional activities have grown...
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About Paradigms

Man's robotic daily life

Anthony Plog's unique, self-directed compositional style has evolved into one which effectively exploits the resources of chromaticism within often martial rhythmical formulas that create a sort of poetic sound-graphic (faintly reminiscent of  Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 film, Modern Times), which doesn’t exclude lyrical, dramatic or wild and/or elegant virtuoso sequences.

His Paradigms (elements of different forms) for flugelhorn and piano are written expressly within the confines of his  personal musical style and they address the dichotomy of man's robotic daily life in an agitated world and the resultant omnipresent personal anguish it generates.

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flugelhorn in Bb or trumpet (in Bb or C)
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