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Saglietti  Corrado  Maria  Concertino  Tp329

Corrado Maria Saglietti

Concertino per tromba

for trumpet and piano

Level: advanced
Duration: 13'30


TP329 -

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The Work

A dark sky, full of clouds. A mighty wind that transforms it. The clouds blow away and the sky is colored blue. The clouds then return and the sky turns dark again. Within this game of light and dark the first movement of the "Concertino" is shaped. More peaceful, introspective and lyrical the second movement.  Determined, compelling and powerful the third. The trumpet and piano dialogue in such a rich and vibrant way giving color at moments to the rhythm, at others to the passion of the melodic phrases. A composition to highlight the extension, technique and interpretive style of the trumpet player.

Editions Bim
Corrado Maria Saglietti

Corrado Maria Saglietti (*1957)

Corrado Maria Saglietti was born in 1957 in Costigliole d’Asti, Italy. He studied horn with G. Zoppi and graduated with highest honors. Since 1977 he has been playing in the RAI National Symphony Orchestra of Turin, and in 1990 he became principal horn; he often plays chamber music and performs as a soloist. In 1986 he received his degree in... Read more