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Takata  Shinichi  Sonatine In  F  Tp237

Shinichi Takata

Sonatine in F

for trumpet and piano

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 14'30


I. Allegro Non Troppo  I. Allegro Non Troppo

II. Andante Marcia  II. Andante Marcia

III. Allegro  III. Allegro

TP237 -

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Shinichi Takata’s Sonatine in F major is the earliest piece of original trumpet music ever written by a Japanese composer.

In the first movement, there is an exposition section which presents two graceful motives that are dynamically developed with distinctive rhythms that are ultimately resolved in a well-defined tutti. In the second movement, the music begins with an elegiac fanfare followed by a march heard over a solemn piano accompaniment. The fanfare then returns to bring the march to an end with a distinctive Debussy-like piano chord. The music then proceeds attacca to the third movement, which features some very impressive French sounds and a feel of syncopation that seems rooted in the jazz idiom of the time.

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Shinichi Takata

Shinichi Takata (1920-1959)

Shinichi (pronounced Shin-ichi) Takata, son of a wealthy tradesman, was born in Tokyo in 1920. His musical education began at the age of eight. He studied composition and music theory privately with Yoshio Hasegawa (1907-1981) an exponent of the French style. One year later, in 1937, he entered the Tokyo Music School, where he not only continued... Read more