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Vartan Adjemian, Poem for trumpet and piano
Vartan Adjemian
for trumpet and piano
advanced Duration: 10'


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Vartan Adjemian

Vartan Adjemian (*1956)

Vartan Adjemian was born 1956 to a very well-known and popular family in Armenia. His grandfather, Vartan Adjemian Sr. (1905-1977) studied with Stanislavsky and Vsevolod Meyerhold and was the General Stage Director of the National Theatre of Armenia and his grandmother was Arus Asryan (1904-1987), one of the leading actress of the same institution. His father, Alexander Adjemian (1925-1987),...
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About Poem

Culled from the ancestral Armenian music tradition

This musical Poem is an epic work with dramatic, mournful cries which Armenian composer Vartan Adjemian wrote in a masterly manner for trumpet and piano.

The piano part plays a critical role, creating a haunting sound environment featuring sometimes rhythmical, sometimes amorphous, dense or light harmonic textures, often within the context of a declamatory format, directing the trumpet towards its extreme and idiomatic expressive resources.

Poem is a strong work culled from the ancestral Armenian music tradition and enriched by the most modern worldly technical and musical developments. (jpm)

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