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Byron Adams, Concerto for trumpet and string orchestra

Byron Adams


for trumpet and string orchestra

Level: intermediate
Duration: 15'



I. Allegro ma non troppo  I. Allegro ma non troppo

II. Lento elegiaco  II. Lento elegiaco

III. Allegro vivo  III. Allegro vivo

TP116a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TP116b - Orchestra score
TP116c - Orchestra parts

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Contrasting movements

The Concerto consists of three dramatically contrasting movements. The opening movement, which is designed as a modified sonata form, is restless, dramatic and impetuous. The second movement is an elegiac ricercare; the opening mood is one of tender and rueful remembrance, but the music rises inexorably to an intense climax that gradually dissipates into somber introspection. Opening with a burst of joyous energy, the finale is filled with an exuberance that dispels both the restlessness of the first movement and the sorrow of the second.

I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Lento elegiaco
III. Allegro vivo
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Byron Adams

Byron Adams (*1955)

Byron Adams (b. 1955, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) is a composer, musicologist, and conductor. He was educated at Jacksonville University, the University of Southern California, and Cornell University, where he earned a doctoral degree studying composition with Karel Husa. Adams is a composer of tonal music with an inimitable style who employs... Read more