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Arturo Sandoval

Brass Playing Concepts

for trumpet

TP42 English / Français / Deutsch - CHF31.00 (Print)

  • Level: easy / advanced
  • Languages: English, French, German
  • Composed: 1991
Arturo Sandoval

Arturo Sandoval (*1949)

Arturo Sandoval was born November 6th,1949 in Artemis, province of Havanna, Cuba. At the age of fifteen he entered the Cuban National School of the Arts where he studied classical trumpet. In 1965 ... Read more

About Brass Playing Concepts

The Work

The art of the brass musician is measured by the extent, the intensity and the quality of his mastery as well as the influence of his personality. The phenomenal mastery of Arturo Sandoval has aroused the admiration, respect and even the incredulity of audiences, of his colleagues and of young students. Not a few imagine that there must be sorne kind of special trick involved here ...

The approach proposed here by Arturo Sandoval - as perhaps that of every artist who has made his way to success and can verbalize his experience - may appear simple. In fact, it is. As simple as is the solution to every problem, once it is found...

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