Loreto Francisco Sonotas Tu111 Digital
Francisco Loreto
for tuba and piano
intermediate / advanced Duration: 7'30 Portuguese Composers Series

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Francisco Loreto

Francisco Loreto (*1974)

Francisco Loreto was born in Ponta do Sol, on Madeira Island in Portugal. Since 1998, he teaches analysis, composition techniques, acoustics and clarinet at the Conservatory of Music – Madeira School of the Arts and helds concurrently the principal clarinet position of the Madeira Classical Orchestra. He graduated during the same year from the Lisbon College of Music and the Universidade Nova de...
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About SoNotas

The title of this piece can be viewed from two perspectives. On the one hand, it is a sort of play on words on the term sonata, in that the formal structure of this piece follows the same line in the 3 movements (fast – slow – fast) characteristic of the sonata form.

On the other hand, SoNotas, in my interpretation, means that a musical piece is an expression of the human experience around the physical object called sound. In the Portuguese language, separating the word SoNotas leaves us with the expression «só notas», only notes, notes alone.

Let us not speak of technical questions and details and instead concentrate on the «sonic matter», in this case as produced by the tuba and the piano, which we know as music.

Francisco Loreto

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  • July 20, 2023 | 4th International Lieksa Brass Week Tuba Competition | Lieksa, Finland. Competitors of the competition.

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