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Charriere Caroline Petit Secret Pno61

Caroline Charrière

Petit secret

for piano

Level: easy
Duration: 2'20
Swiss Composers Series
Bim Junior Series


PNO61 -

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A simple folksong

 The “litte secret” (Petit secret) is a simple folksong hidden within the voicings of the three-pitch chords at the beginning of the piece, then through the harmonics of the Allegro, and finally within the clusters at the end.

Editions Bim
Caroline Charrière

Caroline Charrière (1960-2018)

Born 1960 in Fribourg (Switzerland), Caroline Charrière has accomplished flute studies at the Lausanne Conservatory (with Pierre Wavre) and completed them with Aurèle Nicolet and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (England). During the same time, she followed orchestration and composition studies with swiss composer Jean Balissat.... Read more