Torbianelli Edoardo Variazioni Tema popolare argentino PNO86 Digital
Edoardo Torbianelli
sopra un tema popolare argentino
for piano
intermediate / advanced Duration: 10'

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Edoardo Torbianelli

Edoardo Torbianelli (*1970)

Edoardo Torbianelli was born in Trieste in 1970. As a pianist, he has performed in prestigious seasons and festivals and has recorded for the main European radios. His recordings have received international critical acclaim and prestigious awards. His interest in historical performance leads him to play on period instruments and makes him an expert on the 18th and 19th centuries. An excellent...
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About Variazioni

The first sketches for this piece date back to 2002, written as a tribute to Argentinian friends during a period of great economic and social crisis in their country.

This composition draws on a deep fascination and interest in the most archaic South American folklore, which differs greatly from the more widespread modern popular genres. This inspiration blends piano writing that combines the tradition of the 19th and early 20th centuries with the rhythmic spirit of contemporary "non-classical" music to suggest a spontaneous instrumental folklore, in an almost transfigured form.

In the interpretation of the Variazioni sopra un tema popolare argentino it is necessary to consider the rhythm and the nostalgic feeling as fundamental elements. In this case, the notions of metric exactitude and rigidity linked to the term "rhythm" are substituted by a vital and corporal plasticity, a dancing inner movement, an eloquence of narrative, poetic and declamatory phrasing. The pedal, obviously indispensable, must be intelligently combined with moments where a skillful "legatissimo" of the fingers replaces its use.

The traditional "vidala" is a direct vehicle for the poetry of the soul, and the performance of these variations should only amplify and resonate the sincerity and simplicity of this music through great flexibility of interpretation and the use of a subtle palette of dynamics.

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