Gulya Robert Fairy Dance Gui3
Robert Gulya
Fairy Dance
for guitar
advanced Duration: 7'35

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Robert Gulya

Robert Gulya (*1973)

Robert Gulya was born in 1973 in Hungary into a family of musicians. His father is a jazz pianist, music has been the center of his life since early childhood. He has studied piano and composition at the Budapest Conservatory and received his summa cum laude degree in composition and music theory in 1997 at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music.He is one of the most promising composers of his...
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About Fairy Dance

Mood-music in tonal melodic and harmonic settings.

A solo guitar piece of personalized mood-music composed in a tonal melodic and harmonic setting. In consideration of the characteristics of the instrument, the composition features gentle and harmonious dance-rhythm characters, and the Fairy Dance can result in dreamlike effects in the hands of a sensitive performer; however, the music also includes some dark and ominous motives that remind us of the evil creatures that co-exist with good fairies. Light cannot exist without darkness, and vice-versa...

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