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Jean-Claude Schlaepfer
Esquisses en trois tableaux
for violin and piano
advanced Duration: 5'40 Swiss Composers Series

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Jean-Claude Schlaepfer

Jean-Claude Schlaepfer (*1961)

Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1961, Jean-Claude Schlaepfer studied piano for many years, notably with M. Risler. At the Geneva Conservatory he studied a program of theory courses and achieved a diploma in Musical Culture, the Prize of the Geneva State Council and the composition prize (in the class of Pierre Wissmer and Jean Balissat). Afterwards he did further study with Betsy Jolas, composer...
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About Esquisses en trois tableaux

The Work

Each of these three movements represents a descriptive outline of a different musical character. In the Misterioso e espressivo, the piano and violin alternate extreme dynamics (pp to subito ff), in calm and violent passages, before vanishing in a peaceful silence.

The second movement (Scherzando + Vivace), sees the two instruments competing through the use of audacious rhythms, punctuated by accents, which serve to either separate one from the other or to bring them together.

Espressivo e lento, the last movement, draws from the multifarious varieties of musical expression (espressivo senza vibrato, mf con vibrato, etc.) with an unaffected simplicity resulting in a powerful single dimensional entity as a molto lento e pianissimo finale, where the violin leads to three ascending tenuto notes in the high register that are punctuated by a few transparent and dissonant chords, performed senza misura e morendo.

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