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Zbinden  Jf  Concerto  Clarinet  Cl7

Julien-François Zbinden

Concerto op. 87

for clarinet and orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 20'
Swiss Composers Series


CL7a Piano reduction (solo part included)
CL7d Study score
CL7b Orchestra score
CL7c Orchestra parts
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The Clarinet Concerto consists of three movements, each a tribute to someone:

1) "Hommage à I'Interprete" [Homage to the performer"] is based on a theme using ascending and descending scales in part one (Allegro moderato). Part two is a livelier Allegro scherzando. This first movement is the only one which contains two really traditional cadenzas for the performer's enjoyment (hence the title of this Homage).

2) "Hommage à Ella Fitzgerald" [Homage to Ella Fitzgerald] was written in the spirit of the blues. It begins and ends with the notes E and F, the initials of "Lady Swing", the extraordinary singer. She passed away in April of 1996 during the writing of this concerto.

3) "Hommageà Benny Goodman" [Homage to Benny Goodman] also uses (episodically) the initials of the famed jazz clarinetist: Bb and G. This fast movement is mainly rhythmical, and as befits such a homage.

Instrumentation – - 4 timpani (1), percussion (1) - piano - strings (min.
I. Hommage à l’Interprète
II. Hommage à Ella Fitzgerald
III. Hommage à Benny Goodman
Editions Bim
Julien-François Zbinden

Julien-François Zbinden (*1917)

Julien-François Zbinden was born on November 11th, 1917 in Rolle (Vaud/Switzerland). After having studied piano, with secondary studies in voice and violin, he began in 1938 his musical career as a pianist in a jazz band, having had a passion for jazz at an early age. As a composer, he was self-taught at the beginning, so to speak. After 1947 he... Read more