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Lane Richard Sonata Oboe Ob7

Richard Lane


for oboe and piano

Level: intermediate
Duration: 7'40


I. Allegro non troppo  I. Allegro non troppo

II. Andante  II. Andante

III. Allegro vivace  III. Allegro vivace


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Richard Lane possesses the art of combining the instrumental voice (s) with that of the piano (whatever the degree of difficulty), admirably stimulating the expressive complicity between protagonists. The piano part of this 1981 oboe sonata is a perfect example.

The first movement Allegro non troppo plays on mischievous themes taken up and developed with a delicate energy by the oboe.

The second movement is a beautiful singing Andante, very expressive and emotional with the caracteristic sound of the oboe. The sentences take flight on a rich harmonic carpet of the piano.

The final Allegro vivace is a cheerful, dancing, lively and light 6/8.

Without being excessively difficult, this relatively short sonata (about 7-8 minutes) can be part of a concert program or educational auditions.

I. Allegro non troppo (2'40)
II. Andante (3')
III. Allegro vivace (2')
Editions Bim
Richard Lane

Richard Lane (1933-2004)

On September 3, 2004, a police patrol intercepted a convertible Ford Mustang that was zigzagging out of control. Richard Lane had just left Cape Cod, where he spent his summers composing, and suffered a stroke while driving back to his home in Paterson, New Jersey. He was urgently taken to Newark University Hospital, but nine days later, he passed... Read more

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