Giancarlo Castro D'Addona (*1980)


Giancarlo Castro D'Addona

Giancarolo Castro was born 1980 in Barquisimeto (Venezuela), in a family of musicians. He began as a trumpet player and later as a composer in “El Sistema*”. He studied at the conservatory of music Vicente Emilio Sojo in Barquisimeto and then at the University Institute of Musical Studies in Caracas. His compositions range from academic music to Latin music and some of them have been recorded by EMI Classics and EuroArts.


Grand Fanfare
for symphony orchestra

Grand Fanfare

Tuba Concerto
for tuba and wind band

Molto vivace
Andante - Maestoso

Rhapsody for Talents
for wind band

Rhapsody For Talents

Brass Quintet N° 1 Stories of a Legend
for brass quintet

1 The Knight Of The Hill
2 The Maid Of The Grey Castle
3 The Battle Of Mount Fires
4 Victory Party

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