Castro Giancarlo 12 Easy Pieces Tp341
Giancarlo Castro D'Addona
12 Easy Pieces
for the Young Trumpet Player
for trumpet and piano
easy Bim Junior Series

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Giancarlo Castro D'Addona

Giancarlo Castro D'Addona (*1980)

Giancarolo Castro was born 1980 in Barquisimeto (Venezuela), in a family of musicians. He began as a trumpet player and later as a composer in “El Sistema*”. He studied at the conservatory of music Vicente Emilio Sojo in Barquisimeto and then at the University Institute of Musical Studies in Caracas. His compositions range from academic music to Latin music and some of them have been recorded by...
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About 12 Easy Pieces

Enjoy fun melodies and emotions

These 12 pieces are written for young trumpet players who will enjoy fun melodies, emotions, show effects like moving their body, tapping with feet or imitating a train’s whistle.

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Editions Bim
1. The Ant’s March
2. Waiting for Dad
3. The Clown Ruphino
4. A Ghost Under My Bed
5. My Toys Box
6. The Old Uncle Fred
7. Happy Puppies
8. Taking The Train
9. Little Sister
10. Laughing Witches
11. The Chinese Wind
12. Winkie, The Doll

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