Reskin Charles Intermediate Trumpet Outings Tp320

Charles Reskin

Intermediate Trumpet Outings

12 Etudes & 12 Duets

for trumpet

Level: intermediate
Language: English, French, German

Bim Junior Series

A La Shostakovitch A La Shostakovitch

Life In The Pit Life In The Pit

Night Poem Night Poem

Outing At The Bolshoi Outing At The Bolshoi

Outing In E Outing In E


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The Trumpet Outings

The Trumpet Outings series are conceived to familiarize trumpet players of all levels with a large musical horizont.

These books provide original etudes and duets inspired by various composers and styles which mark out music history: from Renaissance to Debussy, from Mozart to Carlos Jobim, via Schoenberg, Steve Reich, Jazz, Celts and other folk music.

Charles Reskin cleverly combines stimulation and entertainment, humor and emotion, with professionalism and pedagogy. An excellent preparation to the repertory.

Editions Bim
Charles Reskin

Charles Reskin (*1946)

Charles Reskin was born in New York City in 1946. Though he started out as a percussionist, he soon became attracted to the trumpet. During his high school years he played both instruments with local professional orchestras and took private classes in ear training and conducting at the University of Miami.He honed his playing and wrote his first... Read more

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