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Charles Reskin (*1946)


Charles Reskin

Charles Reskin was born in New York City in 1946. Though he started out as a percussionist, he soon became attracted to the trumpet. During his high school years he played both instruments with local professional orchestras and took private classes in ear training and conducting at the University of Miami.

He honed his playing and wrote his first compositions at the summer classes of the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. After graduating high school, he entered the Juilliard School of Music, first as a tympani student with Saul Goodman, then switching his major to trumpet, studying with William Vacchiano. He also studied composition with Hall Overton. After graduation, he played solo cornet with the 26th Army Band in New York City and then with the United Nations Command Band in Seoul, South Korea.

Since then, Charles Reskin has performed in virtually every musical situation, from symphony to salsa, Broadway to ballet. In 1994, he toured the eastern U.S. with the Broadway show «Les Misérables,» then toured Australia and the Pacific Rim with the popular group, KC and the Sunshine Band. He held the position of principal trumpet with the Naples (Florida) Orchestra, and is currently a member of the Florida Grand Opera orchestra and the Florida Classical Orchestra. He also teaches trumpet and brass ensemble at the Miami-Dade College in Miami.


14 Wild & Crazy Duets
for 2 trumpets

1. Almost Chronic Pentatonic
2. Variations on an Over-Used Theme
3. Audition Medley
4. Tony's Nightmare
5. Chromatic Freak-Out
6. The Divorce of Figaro
7. Dance Pot-pourri
8. L'Histoire du "So What"
9. The Clam Hunters
10. Fantasy on a Scottish Folk Song
11. Ruslan and Godzilla
12. Hello, Mackie!
13. Rossini Revisited
14. Ode to Confusion

Petits hommages 5 Pieces
for flute and piano

1. Crickadiddle Kahn...
2. Armenian Fear Nodules
3. Molecuglio
4. Habanera of Death
5. Song of Clark

3 Gestures
for trumpet and harp

1. Seascape
2. The Temple Ghost
3. Duende en el Aire

Superschlag Famfare
for 2 trumpets, horn and piano

Superschlag Famfare

for 2 trumpets and piano


Balada in Barcelona
for 2 trumpets and piano

Balada (excerpt 1)
Balada (excerpt 2)

for trumpet, trombone and piano


Intermediate Trumpet Outings 12 Etudes & 12 Duets
for trumpet

A La Shostakovitch
Life In The Pit
Night Poem
Outing At The Bolshoi
Outing In E

Easy Trumpet Outings 12 Etudes & 11 Duets
for trumpet and mp3 accompaniments

1. Celtic Fair
6. Retro Blues
7. Rock On
8. Solo Flight
10. Worlds Shortest Movie

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