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Jean Perrin (1920-1989)


Jean Perrin

Swiss composer Jean Perrin was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he received his B.A. at the University, and his diploma in piano at the Conservatory. He studied composition in Paris with Darius Milhaud and Nadia Boulanger. As a teacher at the Conservatoires of Lausanne and Sion, Jean Perrin has introduced generations of pianists to the grandeur, the nobility and the spirituality of the classical masters.

From a young age, composition was a vocation for him. With great attention to detail, a sense of the absolute, a great sense of respect, and characteristic modesty, he searched within himself to find his own musical voice which all agree is unique and distinctive. His catalog of works contains music of a wide variety of genres: works for orchestra, solo piano, concerti, oratorios, choral and vocal music and chamber music for strings and winds.


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