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Marini Biagio Sonata Tb37

Biagio Marini

Sonata op. 8 N° 9

for 2 bass trombones and continuo

TB37 - CHF14.00 (Print)

  • Arranger: Leslie Bassett
  • Level: intermediate
  • Duration: 3'
  • Genre: renaissance
  • Composed: 1626

Biagio Marini (1597-1665)

Biagio Marini was born 1597 in the remarkably musical Lombardy town of Brescia, which was, since the early sixteenth century, a center of organ, lute, and viol manufacture, and became even more ren... Read more

About Sonata op. 8 N° 9

About the Sonata

The present Sonata is from his «Sonate, Sinfonie, ... ,» Opus 8, of 1626, a large group of sonatas, canzonas, sinfonias, ballettos, and dances written for ensembles of one to six parts with continuo. Many of them call for trombones. The late Alfred Einstein assembled the manuscripts upon which this edition is based. The continuo realization, dynamics, and tempos have been supplied by the editor.

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