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Harju Jukka Horn Hounds Co68 Digital
Jukka Harju
Horn Hounds
“Those Crazy Dogs”
for 2 horns
advanced Duration: 6'

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Jukka Harju

Jukka Harju (*1975)

(born 1975, Kokkola) studied the French horn in Sibelius Academy under Kalervo Kulmala's guidance. He completed his studies in Vienna with Roland Berger. He also succesfully participated several competitions at a young age and represented Finland in the European Broadcasting Union's Young Soloists' Competition 1986 in Dublin, Ireland. He recently won the 1st price in the International Lieksa Horn...
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Horn Hounds

About Horn Hounds

Humorous and virtuosic language

«Horn Hounds» is the story of the encounter of two dogs, told in a musically humorous and virtuosic language using special effects while respecting the horn’s lyrical and heroic traditions. The musicians are invited to give free reign to their imagination when it comes to interpretation, choreography and costumes.

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