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Harju Jukka Swedish Folksongs Co99

Jukka Harju

Swedish Folk Songs


for horn quartet

CO99 Score and parts - CHF29.00 (Print)

  • Level: intermediate / advanced
  • Duration: 14'
  • Genre: popular
  • Composed: 2009
Jukka Harju

Jukka Harju (*1975)

(born 1975, Kokkola) studied the French horn in Sibelius Academy under Kalervo Kulmala's guidance. He completed his studies in Vienna with Roland Berger. He also succesfully participated several co... Read more
1. Skaffare Polska

1. Skaffare Polska from Gotland

In the villages of the island of Gotland, this polka was often the first dance to be played in weddings. The ”skaffarna”, agents for families organizing the weddings, started the dancing part of the wedding feast with this melody. Florsen i Burs, who knew all the local folk tunes, was one of the most important musicians in his area. He was therefore very sought-after to play at weddings.
2. Psalm From Alvdalsasen

2. Psalm from Älvdalsåsen from Dalecarlia

“Psalm from Älvdalsåsen” has been sung with many variations by the wandering folk musician Blind-Olof from the area of Älvdalsåsen. He learned it from the master musician Bälter Erik Olsson. He then taught it to another folk musician, Kettis Lars Matsson. Alb. Lindberg (unidentified) finally wrote it down. It later became famous due to an organ arrangement by Oskar Lindberg, who renamed it “Gammal Fäbodpsalm” [Old Cattle Shed Psalm].
3. Waltz From Siljansnas And Ratvik

3. Waltz from Siljansnäs and Rättvik from Dalecarlia

The name Roligs Per [Fun Per] describes the folk musician’s character well: the fiddler was said to be always in a good mood, laughing and joking, and telling the most unbelievable stories, both true and imaginary, and specially children flocked to him. He sang and played violin, and made frequent trips to a neighbouring area with another fiddler, Siljansnäs-Anders. This waltz was probably in their repertoire, later notated as a version for three violins.
4. I Watched In Secret

4. I Watched In Secret from Dalecarlia

There are many chorals notated according to Finn-Karin’s performances, a significant talent. The priests of Mora Church in Dalecarlia trusted her to be their leading singer already at a young age. She was said to have amazing skills in memorizing texts and melodies (the 1695 psalter did not include printed music), always singing with the finest phrasing and with rich and varied ornamentation. Psalm 381 according to the 1695 psalter ”Hemlig stod jag en morgon” describes an encounter between a young man and Death, which is secretly observed by the storyteller, who can but cry helplessly as he watches the young man die.
5. Grandmothers Brodal Polska

5. Grandmother’s Bridal Polska

Gyris Anders, a grand old man of the folk musicians of Älvsdalen in Dalecarlia worked not only as a fiddler, but also as a decorative painter. Grandmother’s Bridal Polska belongs to the grooviest of Swedish folk tunes and represents the so-called triplet polska.

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