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Raum Elisabeth Olmutz Concerto Tb23

Elizabeth Raum

Olmütz Concerto

for trombone alto and orchestra

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 20'


TB23a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TB23b - Orchestra score
TB23c - Orchestra parts
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Traditional classical style

Each of the three movements is developed entirely from its respective incipit in order to maintain the original musical ideas of the 18th century composers. Therefore, the movements are monothematic but are rigorously developed in the traditional classical style.

The first movement, Allegro moderato, is a quasi sonata allegro form; the second, Andante amabile, is a theme and variations; and the finale, Allegro con spirito, is a rondo in which the climax of the movement is a fugue.

Instrumentation - - timpani - strings
Editions Bim
Elizabeth Raum

Elizabeth Raum (*1945)

Elizabeth Raum is active both as an oboist and as a composer. She earned her Bachelor of Music in oboe performance from the Eastman School of Music in 1966 and her Master of Music in composition from the University of Regina in 1985. Her works have been heard throughout North America and in Europe and have been broadcast extensively on the CBC. She... Read more