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Ludema Eddie 4 Fanfares Tp361
Eddie Ludema
4 Fanfares
for 4 trumpets
intermediate Duration: 3'45

TP361 Score and parts

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Eddie Ludema

Eddie Ludema (*1977)

Eddie Ludema is Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Music Theory at Idaho State University. Comfortable in classical, jazz and rock, he’s performed as a solo, chamber and orchestral artist in the United States, Europe and Asia. Eddie Ludema is the producer of the podcast “Anthony Plog on Music”, has developed “Dr. Drone” and the “Set Class Calculator” (iOS and Android), and has an educational...
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Audio samples

1. Fanfare H(A)L
2. Fanfare AC
3. Fanfare AP
4. Fanfare BEL

About 4 Fanfares

Fanfares are an integral part of the culture and heritage of trumpet playing. There are fanfares to celebrate royalty and fanfares to honor the “Uncommon Woman” and the “Common Man”. The individuals for whom this set of fanfares was written are endowed with the best traits of both of these exalted categories.

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Editions Bim
1. Fanfare H(A)L (0'35)
2. Fanfare AC (0'57)
3. Fanfare AP (1'02)
4. Fanfare BEL (1'13)

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