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Philidor Andre Piece De Trompete Tp22

André Danican Philidor

Pièces de Trompettes et Timbales

for 2 to 6 trumpets

Level: intermediate
Arrangeur: Henry Parramon


TP22 Score and parts

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Great court spectacles

The 52 «Pieces for Trumpets and Kettledrums» date from 1685. Their titles recall the great court spectacles, with placenames like Versailles, Fontainebleau, Vincennes, L'Orangerie, Le Palais Royal, Les Thileries etc.

Henry Parramon
Editions Bim
André Danican Philidor

André Danican Philidor (1647-1730)

Andre Danican Philidor, known as the eider, was born in Versailles around 1647 and died in Dreux on 11th August 1730. The illustrious musical family of which he was a member came to prominence during the reign of Louis XIII and died out shortly after the French Revolution. Andre Danican was the first composer in this musical dynasty. His rise was... Read more